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BSC-MT (Licensed)

The Behavioral Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist’s services are intended to provide intensive, therapeutic services to a child and family preferably in the family’s home. Other accepted settings are in the child’s school, church, community center, or neighbor or extended family member’s home.  Services are not to be provided in an office setting.  Services provided by the BSC/MT are intended to be strengths-based, child-centered, family-focused, and eco-systemic in nature.  The BSC/MT will provide individual and family psychotherapy, with a strong emphasis on goals agreed upon by the family and treatment team.  The BSC/MT will use a myriad of therapy techniques and will have consistent sessions with the child individually, the entire nuclear family, the family and other community resources, and any subsystem of the family, as clinically indicated by the prescribing psychologist.
  • Complete a thorough assessment of emotional, psycho-social and eco-systemic issues that pertain to the emotion struggles of the client.
  • The BSC/MT demonstrates the ability to actively engage the client and family into sessions with use of active listening, asking questions, and using a strength-based approach.
  • The BSC/MT will meet with the child individually to perform therapy services as prescribed in the psychologist’s evaluation.
  • The BSC/MT will engage the family in the development of genogram, timeline, and comprehensive treatment plan.
  • The BSC/MT will conduct family therapy sessions focused on helping the family with relationship-based issues. The BSC/MT will use a variety of treatment models to assist with family treatment. This may include any sub-system of the family and/or community supports or resources.
  • The Mobile Therapist, when exclusively involved with the family, will assist the family in the development of a 24-hour crisis plan.  This plan will include any informal or formal supports that the family can access for assistance to defuse a situation that may lead to a crisis.
  • The BSC/MT will be collaborative and will work from a multi-systemic prospective.
  • The BSC/MT will participate and be open to suggestions and feedback in supervision.
  • The BSC/MT will complete treatment plan reviews in collaboration with the family.
  • The BSC/MT will complete all necessary outcome measures during treatment review.
  • The BSC/MT will complete a progress report for every billable session with a child or family and will submit all progress reports and billable slips as required by Blair Family Solutions, LLC standards.
  • The BSC/MT will have parents and/or guardians and the child (when the child is over 14 years old) sign the encounter forms for each week of service.
  • The BSC/MT will maintain all scheduled appointments with client and his/her family.

  • Master’s Degree in a mental health field and one year documented paid experience working with children or adolescents.
  • Must have a professional license (LBSC, LSW, LPC)
  • Child Abuse Clearance, Criminal Background and FBI Clearances must be obtained 
  • Travel is a must so a valid PA Driver’s License is necessary.

  • $48,000 - $52,000 dependent upon license and experience

Outpatient Mental-Health Therapist (Contracted)
$2,500 Bonus Offered!

Blair Family Solutions is seeking, licensed, outpatient Mental Health Therapists to work on a contracted basis. These positions are office-based, but elementary school-based opportunities are available, if desired.  Therapists must be willing to work with children of all ages, and their families, as well as adults.  Some early-evening hours are needed, along with collaboration with schools and other agencies. Licensure as a LPC, PhD, LCSW or LMFT and current child abuse clearances are required. LSW will be considered if Clinical license is pending. Experience as an outpatient therapist is required. A $2,500 retention bonus will be paid if the candidate is already paneled with major insurances. The terms of the contract will run for one year, with a significant likelihood of being renewed annually. 

Part-Time Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) 
 $1,000-$1,500 Sign-On Bonus Offered 
(amount dependent upon experience)

Description of services:
Facilitate the development of social competencies and the overall emotional development of children and adolescents ages 3-21.  Help children diagnosed with a psychiatric condition achieve maximum overall functioning while preventing the need for out of the home or alternative school placement.  Conduct services within various settings, including in the home, community, or school.  Use an eco-systemic approach to establish collaborative relationships with the family and within the community and utilize all possible resources for the benefit of the child and family.  Work with individuals to transfer skills and strategies learned back to the parents or other responsible individuals. Hours may vary depending upon the client's needs. 
Clinical Responsibilities:                                                                          Engage families in the treatment process.  Contribute to the ongoing development of the child’s individual treatment plan and crisis plan by communicating to the lead clinicians any strengths, coping skills, and protective factors that will enhance the effectiveness of treatment. Use strength based approaches and a positive attitude in dealing with the child and family. Follow the treatment plan as outlined by the lead clinician. Engage the child in specific interventions from the treatment plan during each session in a sequential manner.  Work with the lead clinician to develop therapeutic activities. Teach child and family specific skills and competency development. Engage the child and family in specific activities, therapeutic interventions, and community based activities.  Transport the child and family to community activities. Engage parents or other extended family members in interventions with the child to transfer skills and foster positive child/parent relations. Work in a team relationship with the lead clinician or other treatment providers in an effort to provide a highly collaborative treatment system.  Build a positive and collaborative relationship with the teachers and appropriate staff in the schools and programs where they are providing service. Engage teachers or other appropriate staff in interventions in order to transfer skills. Collect data as requested. Attend and participate in all required supervision sessions and training to meet state guidelines. Complete a daily progress report. Maintain high quality records.  
Must have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, counseling, sociology, education, criminal justice, or a similar human service field, a valid PA driver’s license, and car insurance.
All positions require the necessary child abuse clearances: PA Child Abuse Clearance, PA Criminal Background Check and FBI Federal Background Clearance

Blair Family Solutions, LLC offers competitive salaries and benefits to all full-time employees.

Medical Insurance ● Dental Insurance ● Vision Insurance ● Health Savings Accounts ● Paid Time Off ● Flexible Work Schedules

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