Blair Family Solutions, LLC  -
Administrative Assistant 

  • Prepare client charts and complete client demographics
  • Prepare reports and track paperwork
  • Maintains monthly calendars for staff and the director 
  • Completes mini audits as needed and as requested by the Program Director.
  • Takes minutes at all staff meetings
  • Types necessary letters 
  • Prepares and submits all staff billing information, as well as staff flex time, staff productivity, family service funds logs, staff percentage rates (60/40%), client percentage rates (60/40%), calculates and prepares incentive reports to be updates and submitted weekly to the Program Director.
  • Creates and prepares all marketing material for office.
  • Review EVS system 2 times weekly to ensure medical assistance eligibility on all open clients.
  • Maintains contact with Managed Care 
  • Prepares and tracks all ISPT Packet reminders .
  • Tracks all physical requests and school information requests for all client charts on a weekly basis.
  • Completes all filing of client documentation for teams, while maintaining order and consistency within client charts.
  • Makes copies of necessary documentation for staff as needed.
  • Maintains and updates, daily, various files such as: client chart template, crisis log, school calendars, phone lists, newly opened charts, discharges, master spreadsheets, etc.
  • Reviews all staff time-sheets, totals time-sheets and mileage, and checks for any errors in relation to client billing.
  • Assist teams with special projects such as client coloring pages and or therapeutic related activities.
  • Answers office phones during work hours and provides program related information.
  • Maintains inventory of needed office supplies and corresponds with main office as needed to order to order necessary supplies.
  • Work collaboratively with the Program Director on development of new programs or activities that will best assist the staff and the office with increasing demands related to community agencies, as well as Managed Care.

  • HS Diploma
  • Previous experience preferred

HR Director 

  • Recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding
  • Planning, coordinating, implementing and administering all human resource policies and procedures
  • Overseeing the administration of the benefit programs
  • Responsible for providing the labor relations and compliance activity regarding the laws and regulations that affect employer/employee relationships
  • Assisting managers with staff discipline and employee relations
  • FMLA administration
  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment
  • ACA compliance and reporting
  • Working closely with managers on various assignments

  • Master's Degree preferred
  • 3-5 years of HR experience preferred
  • HR experience in behavioral health or healthcare is a plus

Family Based Mental Health Worker 

Intensive Case Management Duties
  • Provide ICM service to help families’ access resources to meet basic needs.
  • Collaborate with other agencies that are involved with the client and/or family regarding treatment and make additional referrals when necessary. 
  • Provide updates to referral agencies regarding progress of care, as needed, and on a monthly basis.
  • Complete all drug and alcohol assessment forms and make necessary referrals to local treatment facilities as needed.  Provide ongoing agency collaboration with the drug and alcohol treatment facility in order to ensure continuity of care for our consumers and their families.
  • Be a part of the Discharge planning meeting with the family to decide and make necessary referrals for aftercare.
  • Provide clinical leadership in the assessment of the family’s struggles and strengths through the completion of an intake, timeline and genogram.
  • Provide clinical leadership in formulating and writing treatment plans with the family to be reviewed on a monthly basis and updated.  Responsible for reviewing and signing off on any treatment plan that is done by the FBMH Worker.
  • Co-facilitate structural family therapy sessions with the FBMH Worker.
  • Conduct individual and family treatment sessions and demonstrate the ability to engage families in the treatment process.
  • Provide and lead weekly consultation with the TSS, if a TSS is assigned to the child.
  • Provide the clinical lead with the FBMH Worker and family in the development of a 24 hour crisis plan. Provide 24 hour crisis availability to be determined on an on-call rotation. Be available to provide over the phone crisis counseling and, if needed, go to the home or hospital to provide crisis assistance.
  • If a decision is made that the child needs inpatient hospitalization, the FBMH Therapist will accompany the family to the crisis center and complete the necessary paperwork and phone calls to access inpatient care for the client.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 sessions (individual, parent, family) per consumer family per week.  Contacts are to be regularly scheduled and accommodate the family’s scheduling needs.  Thus some of the service delivery hours will include evenings and some weekends. 
  • Work collaboratively on all aspects of service provision.
  • Provide drug and alcohol assessment, therapy, referrals and case consultations to all clients and family members involved in the program. 
  • Attend all scheduled supervisions
  • Attend all trainings provided by the Philadelphia Child Guidance Training Center
  • Videotape sessions at least 2 times per family during treatment period to present at supervisions and clinical trainings to enhance skills and treatment. Treatment adherence scales to be completed with each video tape.
  • Put together clinical case presentations with the collaboration of the FBMH Worker. 
  • Document all contacts with consumers and other agencies on a progress note within 48 hours of contact and submit with billing every Monday by 9am. 
  • As part of the team, will be responsible for maintaining productivity requirements of 125 units per week with a team percentage averaging 60% (minimum of 63 team, 62 individual). 
  • As part of the team, will have encounter forms (which is the top of the progress note ) signed for every contact. 
  • Work collaboratively to complete all required treatment plans in a timely fashion via requirements through Managed Care/OMHSAS.
  • Work collaboratively to schedule, attend, document, and submit all ISPT Meetings related to their individual caseload. 
  • Responsible for making sure all documentation is in the chart for their specified cases. 
  • Work collaboratively to resolve any internal conflict between them utilizing direct open communication.   
  • Bachelor’s degree in a Human Services related area
  • 1 year CASSP experience
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule, including evening hours, primarily Monday – Friday
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Valid PA Driver’s License and car insurance
  • Child Abuse Clearances

Part-Time Mental Health Worker 
*Position will start after summer for the 2017/2018 school year. 

  • Provide intensive therapeutic support supervision to students in a school setting with mental health issues
  • Implement therapeutic behavioral interventions
  • Provide services as governed by the IEP designed to meet the identified problems and goals
  • Assist the student and family with arranging linkage with the mental health support services in the community
  • Provide one to one emotional/behavioral support
  • Provide small group instruction

  • Bachelor's Degree in a Mental Health related field with 1 year of experience working in the mental health field or an equivalent combination of acceptable education and/or experience. 
  • Valid PA Driver's License and Auto Insurance (100/300/50)
Full-Time CSBBH Behavioral Health Worker 
*Position will start after summer for the 2017/2018 school year. 

  • Implement mental health treatment and crisis intervention for children and families through the Clinical Home model
  • Provide psycho-educational groups for youth and/or families, intensive case management service to children and families, and supporting clients with one-on-one interventions in the school, home, and community to support the overall mental health goals of the child's treatment plan

  • Bachelor's Degree in a Human Services related field with 2 years experience working in the mental health field
  • Valid PA Driver's License and Auto Insurance (100/300/50)

Full-Time CSBBH Mental Health Professional
*Position will start after summer for the 2017/2018 school year. 

  • Provide and supervise mental health treatment and crisis intervention for children and families through the Clinical Home model.  
  • Provide intensive case management service to children and families, and provide consultation and training to Behavioral Health Workers as well as teachers and school personnel to support the overall mental health goals of the child’s treatment plan. 

  • Masterr's Degree in a Human Services 
  • Professional License (LPC, LSW, MFT, etc.)
  • Valid PA Driver's License and Auto Insurance (100/300/50)

Registered Nurse 

  • Deliver care to both children and adults
  • Maintain all standards of professional nursing

  • Valid PA nursing license
  • Valid PA Driver's License and Auto Insurance (100/300/50)

Part-Time Therapeutic Support Staff 
*Position will start after summer for the 2017/2018 school year. 

  • Contribute to the ongoing development of the child’s individual treatment plan and crisis plan. 
  • Use strength based approaches. 
  • Follow treatment plan. 
  • Engage child in specific interventions.  
  • Teach child & family skills & competencies. 
  • Engage the child & family in specific activities, therapeutic interventions, & community activities. 
  • Help transfer skills & develop positive relationships. 
  • Complete daily progress report. 
  • Maintain quality records.

  • Bachelor's Degree in a Human Services field
  • Valid PA Driver's License and Auto Insurance (100/300/50)

Part-Tim Mental Health Therapist
(School Based/Outpatient/Mobile Therapist) 
*Position will start after summer for the 2017/2018 school year. 

  • Provide individual, group, and family therapy in a variety of settings
  • Complete intake assessments
  • Collaborate with parents and outside agencies
  • Attend Student Assistance Program trainings and meetings
  • Classroom psych-education
  • Case management

  • Master's Degree in a Human Services related field
  • Valid PA Driver's License and Auto Insurance (100/300/50)

Contracted Part-Time Licensed Psychiatrist 

  • Diagnose and monitor the psychiatric needs of both children and adults in an Outpatient setting
  • Prescribing and monitoring medications
  • Oversee the development and implementation of treatment plans
  • Collaborate with clinicians, nurse, program director and support staff
  • Ensure compliance with all legal, professional and ethical regulations, policies and procedures
  • Provide high quality clinical services
  • Maintain appointments and planned schedule

  • Valid PA medical license
  • Completion of a 3 year residency in psychiatry
  • Medical degree from an accredited college/university
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Child abuse clearances
This is a part-time, contracted position, with approximately 13 hours a week. The option of telepsychiatry will be considered for the right candidate. 

All positions require the necessary child abuse clearances: PA Child Abuse Clearance, PA Criminal Background Check and FBI Federal Background Clearance

Blair Family Solutions, LLC offers competitive salaries and benefits to all full-time employees.

Medical Insurance ● Dental Insurance ● Vision Insurance ● Health Savings Accounts ● Paid Time Off ● Flexible Work Schedules Aflac Plans

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